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Tai-chi for Low back pain: Systematic Review
The Journal of Korea CHUNA Manual Medicine for Spine & Nerves 2018;13:35-44
Published online June 30, 2018
Copyright © 2018 Korean Society of Chuna manual Medicine for Spine & Nerves.

Su-Cheol Choo1, Kyu-Jin Kim1, Eun-Bi Kim1, Eui-Hyoung Hwang, K.M.D.1,2

1School of Korean Medicine, Pusan National University
2Department of Rehabilitation medicine of Korean Medicine, Korean Medicine Hospital of Pusan National University
Correspondence to: Eui-Hyoung Hwang, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of Korean Medicine, Pusan National University Korean Medicine Hospital, Geumo-ro 20, Mulgeum-eup, Yangsan, 50612, Republic of Korea
Tel : (055) 360-5951 Fax : (055) 360-5509 E-mail :
Received May 16, 2018; Revised June 9, 2018; Accepted June 12, 2018.
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of Tai-chi in treatinglow back pain.
Methods: We searched 9 electronic databases(Pubmed, CAJ, EMBASE, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, KISS, KISTI, NDSL, and RISS) till April 2018 and included randomized controlled trials(RCTs) that used Tai-chi for lower back pain treatment. The methodological quality of each RCT was assessed usingthe Cochrane risk of bias tool.
Results: As per the inclusion criteria, 5 RCTswere found to be eligible for our review. These studies were divided into 4 groups and meta-analysis was performed. The meta-analysis of 1 study showed favorable results regardingthe use of Tai-chi .Twostudies showed favorable results regardingthe use of Tai-chi with Tuina rather than Tuina alone. All studies were observed to have a high risk of bias.
Conclusions: There is limited evidence available to support the effectiveness of Tai-chi in relieving low back pain;hence, additionalwell-designed RCTs should be encouraged for better evidence.
Keywords : Tai-chi, Low back pain, Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, Traditional Korean Medicine

June 2018, 13 (1)